Open-air classical music festival to kick off in Minsk center July 9

Open-air classical music festival to kick off in Minsk center July 9

A festival of classical music will start in Minsk July 9. Leading musical groups will play Mozart and Bach, music from Hollywood movies and medieval compositions in the open air. There will be held a total of eight concerts. Upper Town will welcome visitors every Saturday until the end of this summer.

Yulia Daineko, Head of Marketing, Velcom:
Classical music moves from halls to streets and ceases to be a genre for elite. A variety of people can enjoy it now.

Similar events playing Beethoven, Vivaldi, Bach and Oginski were held in Minsk in 2015. Four classic evenings, despite concerns, brought together about 40,000 spectators.

Natalia Kutsan, Director of Idea Foundation:
We will try to make this site as comfortable as possible. There will be bike rakes. We install big screens so that every person in the area clearly sees the stage.

The novelty of the festival is the so-called 3D sound. The music will be created not only on stage: violins, bassoons and grand pianos will come down to the public. Even belfry of the nearby cathedral will become part of the orchestra. This project is a good example of cooperation between city authorities and private businesses.

Alexander Chakhovsky, art director, festival producer:
Artists from Poland, Russia, Venezuela and Spain will come to us.