Belarus to increase food exports to $6 billion per year


Belarus to increase food exports to $6 billion per year

Belarus will increase the export of food to $6 billion a year. Such are plans for 2016-2020. Transformations in this sector are already producing results. Supplies of meat and milk are permanently increasing. The main consumer of Belarus' agricultural produce is Russia.

However, there are some issues here. Not long ago, the Russian sanitary watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor voiced some complaints about Belarusian products. It questions the quality of milk powder saying it supposedly does not comply with the technical regulations of the Customs Union.

Now the supplies of this product have been stopped from one of Minsk enterprises. However, the Belarusian side says it is ready to defend the quality of its products and is undertaking a thorough review of each claim.

Alexander Subbotin, deputy minister - director of the department of food and veterinary supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus:
Any complaint about the quality of our products is checked and we stop exports of that problematic product and try to figure out where the truth lies. For now the situation does not require comments. There was a letter from Rosselkhoznadzor with certain claims against us. We ourselves have suspended the activities of these enterprises. And now we are trying to figure out what has happened.

The quality of Belarusian products and Belarus' food expertise were discussed at the July 5 regional seminar of the World Organization for Animal Health. Food safety was one of the key topics.

Kazimieras Lukauskas, head of the World Organization for Animal Health Office for Eastern Europe:
Belarus is a very active member of our organization. Last year we made an assessment. I was also here as an expert. During two weeks, we studied your legislation concerning veterinary service, structure, and laboratory equipment. And we think that Belarus' system is good, with animal products produced here being of a good quality. You export your food products to many countries, after all.