President Lukashenko: People appreciate peace and tranquility in Belarus


President Lukashenko: People appreciate peace and tranquility in Belarus

Belarusians appreciate the peace and tranquility in the country, said Head of State Alexander Lukashenko on July 5 at a ceremony to honor the graduates of higher military educational institutions and high-ranking officers. The President also presented the general's shoulder straps to some law enforcement agencies officers.

The ceremony is traditionally timed to in the main state holiday - Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Our people, like no one else, appreciates the peace and tranquility in the country, cares about security. We have defended and will defend the national interests of the country. Concepts such as sovereignty, independence, and the territorial integrity of our state mean a lot for us. This is not just politics, this is our life, this is the life of our parents today, the lives of our children in the future. To keep all of this, we are conducting a peaceful multi-vector foreign policy. We carry out military construction strengthening the defense capability of Belarus. These approaches are naturally reflected in Belarus' new military doctrine, which you, the graduates of military schools, will put into practice.

Belarus has created a multi-level system of military education. Future officers come as little boys and are trained to serve in cadet classes and the Minsk Suvorov Military School. Then they get military education in higher educational institutions. The best of them learn science, strategy, as well as state-military management at the Faculty of General Staff. By choosing a path of serving the Fatherland, you take huge responsibility for the country and the people. It is you who have to increase the power of the armed forces, solve complex responsible problems to ensure public and border security of Belarus, maintaining law and order in society. Each of the graduates will come into certain system. The country has established and is operates security systems in all spheres. Optimal structure has been achieved in security agencies. People in uniform enjoy well-deserved reputation in our society. You will be like fresh blood to law enforcement agencies; you will introduce new ideas, thus ensuring the ongoing development of the state military organization.

At the ceremony, the President noted that the implementation of the state ideology as well as participation in patriotic education should be the priorities in officers' work.During the years of independence the Belarusian army has become more compact. It is now shorter: from 250,000 personnel to only 65,000. The focus is not on the quantity but on the quality. 

The President raised the development of the defense sector of the economy and the technical re-equipment of troops. In particular, he mentioned the multiple rocket launch system Polonez. Major General Gennady Kozlovsky has recently been appointed chief of the missile troops.

Gennady Kozlovsky, Chief of Missile Troops and Artillery of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus:
State tests have passed and now the complex will be put into service in our Armed Forces. In the nearest time, this complex will be put on combat duty. And the prospects of the development of the complex lie in the continuing increase in the range and improved accuracy.

Security and peace is the property and achievement of any state. Without them, everything else devalues, says Alexander Lukashenko.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Not everyone can wear these "heavy" epaulets on the shoulders. Without pathos I want to ask you: be worthy of them. You are really special people and you now have a special responsibility. In addition to the military one you also have political responsibility: general is general after all. Remember one thing for which we are working. We, the men, must be at the forefront in difficult times and if we need to die in the name of our people, we must die first. We should remember this always.

Over the history of its independence Belarus has never been involved in any armed conflict. There have been no attacks on our borders. To put it simply, a strong army is needed in order not to fight against anyone.