Belarus ends Independence Day with countrywide national anthem singing campaign


Belarus ends Independence Day with countrywide national anthem singing campaign

Belarus has finished celebrating Independence Day. An hour before midnight, the entire country sang the national anthem. This traditional event was the final chord of the July 2-3 celebrations.

"Belarus, I love you!" Exactly at 21.00, these words echoed around Minsk. And this is not only the expression of love but, according to the Culture Ministry, a tribute to the bands and singers who glorify Belarus in the world.

Belarus’ Eurovision participants of previous years Dmitry Koldun, the 3+2 band, IVAN, Alena Lanskaya and Anastasia Vinnikova sang about the independence of Belarus with the whole country.

Anatoly Yarmolenko, People's Artist of Belarus:
My daughter Olesya has given birth to a son, my grandson. Isn't this happiness? Let the child grow healthy and happy, for the good of our country.

The concert was spectacular and bright: the applause did not cease, and this is despite the fact that people stood under umbrellas. They sang along and danced, from little to old.

Alexei Khlestov, singer:
The song that I sing, "Belarus", is particularly pleasant for me. And not just pleasant, I am proud that I have the opportunity to come on stage and sing about my country, that we live here, that we love this country. People who have come also want to see and hear this holiday.

IVAN, singer:
Impressions are amazing. Despite the rain, which actually added some charisma and mystery to this event. There are many famous people here and the whole crowd came to look at them. By the way, today people sang along my song Help You Fly, which was incredibly nice.  

Uzari, singer:
This date allows us to unite and see each other in the eye, say kind words. Artists are various, someone can sing, some can dance and some play. The concert actually reflects the fact that we are together.

The crowd turned into "national choir", with the political elite, heads of public organizations, artists and athletes singing all together. A festive day ended with a grand fireworks display fired from six firing positions, which lasted about 10 minutes.

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