Belarus national embroidery day held in Minsk July 2

Belarus national embroidery day held in Minsk July 2

Thousands of Belarusians celebrated National Embroidery Day July 2. The day was marked by an art parade, models in suits with the national patterns walking along the catwalk, jousting tournaments, the city of craftsmen and body art studio. All in all, there were a few dozen events.

On the eve of Independence Day the country is celebrating the day of national embroidery (in Belarusian: vyshyvanka). The highlight of the holiday was the art parade Under the Flag in Vyshyvankas. 

Taking part in the creative procession were representatives of the talented and gifted youth from all regions of the country, participating artists and folk groups. Many of them wore shirts with national ornaments. This is no coincidence. Since ancient times, these ancient patterns on the fabric have been considered a symbol and a talisman of Belarusians. All guests of the holiday received a gift - ribbons with embroidery.

For example, stars symbolize power and harvest. Each element of ornament on clothes is not accidental and bears its meaning. Any diamond or square means field, which means wellbeing.

July 2, you could see with your own eyes those who create ornaments and the youth that are happy to wear clothes with them. T-shirts and dresses with embroidery in the form of Belarusian ornament are at the peak of popularity today. They are worn everywhere not only by modern young men and women in Belarus but also by famous people from around the globe.

Among the owners of Belarusian embroidery shirts are Gerard Depardieu, Vladimir Putin, and even the president of Ecuador.

Participants of the parade:
For us, this is a special symbol, a symbol of our traditions. The symbol of unity of all Belarusians - our ornament!
This means to support our Belarusian culture.

Boris Svetlov, Minister of Culture of Belarus:
The fact that the youth is reviving this embroidery as a holiday these days suggests that this thing has great future.

Boris Svetlov, culture minister of Belarus