Istanbul airport attack: who is responsible and how to protect yourself?


Istanbul airport attack: who is responsible and how to protect yourself?

In recent days, Brazilian authorities have said they are ready to ensure security and protect Olympians against terrorist attacks. This concerns everyone now since explosions are heard in different parts of the planet. This week, an explosion at the airport of the Turkish Istanbul killed more than 40 people and injured over 200. Alexei Volkov has more details.

Security is coming to the fore. It again malfunctioned, this time in one of the busiest air harbors in the world. Three explosions rocked the Ataturk airport on June 28. Turkish authorities intend to respond to this act of terrorism without delay.

Binali Yıldırım, Prime Minister of the Turkish Republic:
The attack on the airport in Istanbul showed that metal detectors are not enough to ensure the safety of passengers. Terrorists may again break into the airport with guns and we need to be prepared.

Anti-terrorist raids are held across Turkey. Police have detained 24 suspects. There are foreigners among them. According to various sources, they come from Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Russia. The latter, Akhmet Chatayev, has direct links to the top of an Islamic State and has been wanted for 10 years. He was hiding in Austria and somehow was granted a refugee status, despite an international arrest warrant.

This situation once again confirmed concerns in Europe that extremists may be pouring into Europe together with innocent migrants.

Francois Hollande, President of the French Republic:
We fear that these attacks, which are coming one after another, will complicate the situation in Turkey. We need to act decisively, including in Europe. Coordination of joint actions will bring security to the region and will help to overcome terrorism and illegal migration.

The extremists picked the date on purpose: this is the anniversary of the creation of the Islamic State.

Here is how the terrorists acted in the air harbor: explosives were underneath black leather jackets. They arrived by taxi with suitcases with weapons inside.  The first bomber burst into the international terminal arrivals area and detonated the bomb.

Moments later, people ran out of the departure zone to the street escaping from the second explosion. Taking advantage of the chaos and confusion, the third bomber finally blew himself. 

As a result of this bloody attack 44 people were killed, according to the latest information. As many as 25 are in intensive care units. Further 50 remain under the supervision of doctors. There are no Belarusians among the victims.

Sergei Kizima, political analyst:
Unfortunately, at the moment, there are very few safe places. The safest places are resorts about which terrorists don't know and airports about which they don't know. Or those harbors where there are not so much people and where an explosion will not cause resonance.

By the way, the Belarusian Foreign Ministry has recommended that Belarusians in Turkey should not visit crowded places. The events in Istanbul forced to seriously strengthen security in airports around the world. Literally every centimeter is now under protection in the USA, Spain, Singapore, Germany and probably all countries with major air harbors.

The day after the attack was national mourning day in Turkey. In Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate was illuminated with Turkish flag colors. The UN Secretary General left a message in the book of condolences.

Belarusians also supported the Turkish people. During the past few days people have carried fresh flowers to the Turkish embassy in Minsk to honor the memory of the victims and express condolences. After all, the terrorist attack in Istanbul is the trouble of the entire world community. And the question "How to avoid such bloodshed in the future" is hanging in the air in an excruciating pause.