Chagall International Plein Air revived in Vitebsk

Chagall International Plein Air revived in Vitebsk

The International Chagall Plein Air has been revived in Vitebsk this year in Belarus, which is declared the Year of Culture.

In the late 2000s, it was he performed twice. Taking part in it were eminent artists from different countries. In 2016, the international open-air event was also bright. The city Chagall welcomed famous artists from Russia, Latvia, Germany and, of course, Belarus.

During almost two weeks, brush wizards will work in Vitebsk, Liozno, Polotsk and in the museum-estate of Ilya Repin "Zdravnevo". The plein air will end July 7, on the birthday of Marc Chagall with an exhibition of final works. Every author will leave in Vitebsk two of his paintings.

Ilgvars Zalāns, artist (Latvia):
There is a Chagall myth here. The Vitebsk of Chagall. I think when artists gather at some point to commemorate such an outstanding person, people can find inspiration here too. I hope that our stay here will give us some kind of an emotional boost.

It is noteworthy that the open-air event was timed to another important date - the 25th anniversary of Marc Chagall Museum in Vitebsk. On July 5, the cartoon "Marc Chagall. Beginning" will be presented. It is created by the National Film Studio BelarusFilm.