Belarusians arrive from Istanbul: "That was really creepy!"

Belarusians arrive from Istanbul: "That was really creepy!"

After a series of terrorist attacks the Istanbul airport was closed. Now the interrupted air service has been restored.

The Belarusian airline did not fly to Istanbul today but the planned flight of Turkish Airlines was on schedule.

The CTV crew talked with the passengers from Istanbul who arrived after the attack.

We arrived just 40 minutes after it all happened. We were inside the plane four hours and we were not allowed out and then were taken to the airport. The airport was creepy. When we entered it, no one understood where to go, what to do. People lie underfoot, some are sitting, someone is sleeping, and someone is coming… There was no staff there, so no one told us where to go. Just a crowd of people who do not know what to do.

Flights were canceled, some were delayed. So could somehow judge. And our friends began to worry, grandparents called us.

We had a transfer in Istanbul and found out about it all in the news at night. But the Turkish company did well: at night they sent an SMS that the flight is canceled, that we will need to go to a certain place at a certain time and they very quickly replaced our tickets.  At the airport, we saw lots of people with guns, a lot of police. But, in general, I did not see any panic, it was all very quiet.