Belarus President takes part in national ball of graduates 2016

Belarus President takes part in national ball of graduates 2016

The state is not indifferent to young people's fate, said the Belarus President meeting June 28 with the best graduates of Belarusian universities. The main prom of the country brought together more than 200 excellent students. These are winners of educational contests and competitions and holders of prizes from the special fund of the President.  

Alexander Lukashenko has congratulated teachers and students expressing fatherly words of encouragement and farewell.

Before the official part of the ceremony, the graduates honored the memory of those killed during the Great Patriotic War laying fresh flowers at the stela "Minsk - Hero City". This year, Belarus is marking the 75th anniversary of the start of the Great Patriotic War.

As many as 222 people represented 52 universities of Belarus. These graduates were chosen from 80,000 specialists with higher education and master's degrees who finished training this year. The CTV Channel talked with some of them.

Nadezhda Dubrovskaya, graduate of the Grodno State Agrarian University:
I studied at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology of the Grodno State Agrarian University. In the future, I will be engaged in milk processing and making of dairy products. At the moment I have already received an invitation to the city of Volkovysk. I plan to work according to my specialty.

Olga Nazarova, graduate of the Grodno State University:
I graduated from the Faculty of Law. I am satisfied with my specialty. Then I worked there a bit as an intern and realized that I would like to continue doing this, because I like it.

Evgeny Grishchenko, graduate of the military faculty of the Belarusian State University:
I would like to realize my potential as a professional. I will become an investigator. It is clear that there will be delight after I close the first criminal case! We will fight crime!

Education has always been one of the main values ​​of life of Belarusians, and young people are one of the main priorities of state policy. This matter was raised during the All-Belarusian People's Assembly too.

Belarus has 43 state-run and 10 private universities. About 50,000 people every year graduate from universities. Specialties are being adapted to the needs of the economy. 

Let's listen to the Minister of Education and university rectors who are also at this event.

Mikhail Zhuravkov, Minister of Education of the Republic of Belarus:
Now our priority is the so-called "economy of knowledge" as well as information technology and innovations. It's something our youth will continue doing after they graduate and come to state service. That is, they are very lucky to be at the start of this exciting way - innovative economy.

Anna Sender, rector of the Brest State University named after A. Pushkin:
Many students are engaged in research work. In our university, more than 2,000 students are engaged in some form of scientific activity. The support comes from the state and, accordingly, students have it at the university level. So I think this is a wonderful future for our country.

The President of the country addressed the youth too. Alexander Lukashenko takes part in the nationwide proms every year. President stresses that the state can always support young and talented people.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
The state does care about each and every one. We have done everything that a state needs to do for the youth. The state guarantees first mandatory job placement. Not every country can afford it. And there have been serious debates in recent years about how to deal with it. Some offered to abandon this practice. I am totally against it. We kept an opportunity for all of you to find a job, go to work at the start of career. Many of you, I think maybe some of you here took part in volunteer student labor groups. I would like to thank you for this.  
I want to say to you another political thing. This time is difficult because re-division of the world has begun.
I am trying to save our society from these processes. The world begins to change. It has changed in many ways. Many people do not like the world order. There are new states that want a place under the sun, a leading position, but these places are already occupied. Therefore, local conflicts flare. And the main thing now is to save the country, save the world from a global war. This is the most important thing, so we have always paid attention to defense and security issues. If there is peace in the country, then I am sure we will solve our problems and achieve the goals set for ourselves.