Dumplings eating championship held in Minsk


Dumplings eating championship held in Minsk

On June 26, Minsk hosted the first championship on dumplings eating. Especially for the competition the organizers cooked more than 500 potato balls with meat. They were baked according to ancient Belarusian recipes in a village oven. 

To do this, 250 kilos of potatoes, 50kg of meat and 40kg onions were needed. Taking part in the championship were 13 gourmets.

Each participant was given 25 minutes for an express lunch. During this time, the participants had to eat as many dumplings as they could. The champion consumed 12 servings, almost 3 kilos of potato.

Vladimir Yakimov, winner:
I've loved this dish since childhood. I have known that taste since the times when my grandma did it. This is our Belarusian traditional cuisine. Let people enjoy it! Enjoy our Belarusian cuisine.

Alexander Stoma, participant of the first championship of eating dumplings:
Pizzas and hot dogs are good things. But Belarus has its own dishes that are also pleasant to eat.