Alexander Lukashenko about Rio Olympics: Belarus will not send "tourists" to Brazil


Alexander Lukashenko about Rio Olympics: Belarus will not send "tourists" to Brazil

Belarus has already won 134 Olympic licenses in 25 sports. The President of Belarus was reported on the preparation of the national team for the Rio Olympics.

There should be no "tourists" in the national team. The order of the Head of State is not to put exorbitant pressure on athletes. 

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus: 
Our country does its utmost for sport and, above all, high performance sports. I do not think that someone anyone can stand up and say that they were not given enough funds. Sport is big politics. You see what is happening now. Perhaps, there is some kind of political overtone in this fighting too. There will be no "tourists" in the national team of Belarus. We all understand that there are no weak opponents at the Olympic Games. It is more and more difficult to win medals every year. But that is no reason for excuses. We have moved away from setting specific medal plans. Probably, that's right. We should not put excessive pressure on athletes. However, if we see that there is no chance, we cannot afford to spend people's money.

Alexander Lukashenko demanded honest sport from Belarusian athletes. Those who violate this requirement will be held accountable.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Sport is moving more into the political field. This also applies to doping issues, especially the unfortunate meldonium, which suddenly became world famous. In this regard, it is important to know whether the problem affected our athletes and how. I emphasize again: you should not hide anything from me. You see that they already started poking around your tests that are eight years old.

Alexander Shamko, Minister of Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus:
Science should not be for science; there must be an end result. So, of course, we have created a comprehensive scientific group. In principle, we revived the best that we had in the Soviet Union. This is the potential of anyone who may be useful, specialists in various fields, not only from the sport system; those who can make recommendations to coaches in the efficiency of athletes' training. Therefore, we have started this work now. And I must say that there has been progress.

Maxim Ryzhenkov, First Vice-President of the NOC of Belarus, assistant to the President of Belarus on physical culture, sport and tourism development:
Here everything is now in the hands of their closest advisers. I am talking about coaches, team psychologists who should instill in the athletes that healthy patriotism, find words that would motivate the Olympians to the highest result. They have to come to the finish line and at the same time say that they almost died. That's when we will really get these medals.

Recently, the Belarus national women's basketball team received a Rio license. The victory was praised by the President, who said he is now ready to meet with the team personally.

The President of Belarus was also shown the uniform of Belarusian Olympians.

For the sake of victory, the designers even studied the mythological heritage of Belarusians' ancestors. Here are the clothes for Olympians with prints of ancient symbols - the gods of victory, strength and wealth.

Yulia Latushkina, designer, developer of the Olympic uniform:
We had long talks with athletes. We asked them what was convenient in previous uniforms. This is the first time a designer has been asked to assist in designing clothes for athletes. You can see the result. This is ceremonial and official clothing. You can even go to the President in this uniform.

The everyday version was developed by one of the most popular foreign brands. All sports uniforms have logos of Belarusian enterprises.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus: 
This uniform must be commercially available. So that each person can buy these clothes and thus join the Rio joy and the joy of sport. There is only one thing left - to bring medals from the Olympics. 

Nikolai Martynov, founder and director of a shoe holding company:
This is from natural materials. And we also make special perforated shoes. Naturally, they have shock-absorbing insoles. These nuances, especially in such countries as Brazil, are really necessary.

The wardrobe of Belarusian Olympians includes even bags, covers for suits and mobile phones and all this is also in a single style.