Belarus Independence Day rehearsal flyover near Minsk (video)


Belarus Independence Day rehearsal flyover near Minsk (video)

On June 27, a rehearsal of the Independence Day air parade was held by the Minsk garrison.

44 aircraft rose into the sky to train ahead of the July 3 Independence Day of Belarus.

Taking part in the rehearsal were the helicopters Mi-2, Mi-8 and Mi-24. When it comes to planes, there were MiG-29, Su-25 and military-transport aircraft IL-76 and AN-26.

Russian aircraft will also partake in the parade. By the way, traffic was not blocked on the ground during the rehearsal.

The aircraft flew at an altitude of only 250 meters and at speeds up to 500 kilometers per hour.

The main rehearsal flight over Minsk will be held on 1 July.

Alexander Karev, Deputy Commander of the Air Force and Air Defence of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus - Head of Aviation: 
There will be the same formation on Independence Day as today. The distance between the groups is 30 seconds, which means very high accuracy demands. The Russian aircraft component will take part in the flight from the Russian territory.