President Lukashenko: Belarus is ready to create joint ventures in Thailand


President Lukashenko: Belarus is ready to create joint ventures in Thailand

Belarus is ready to create joint ventures in Thailand, particularly in the field of mechanical engineering, said June 27 the Belarusian head of state at a meeting with the chairman of the National Legislative Assembly of the Kingdom of Thailand.

These days, a delegation of that South Asian country is visiting Belarus. The inter-parliamentary ties between the two countries are characterized by a fairly high degree of development. Back in March, Belarusian parliamentarians went to Thailand for a visit. As for the trade and economic cooperation, the potential here is far from exhausted. But, according to the President, basic documents are needed for trade development. A special intergovernmental commission would help strengthen the economic ties.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Thailand is the case when our relations begin with the legislative branch, with parliamentarians. I am very pleased that we are building a very good relationship with you. I am sure that we will do everything in order to bring a solid foundation for our relationship. I want to assure you that as the President I will do everything to support not only our inter-parliamentary relations. We will focus on the parliaments being the main link in our relations. But as the head of the state I will do everything to ensure that our relations develop and deepen. We don't have any problems, really. We have similar approaches to international issues. We have developed a kind of road map for our relations. I will not say that this is the final version. I think we will continue working on our action plan, we will expand them and deepen, especially in the field of economic cooperation. Because it is the foundation of any relationship, let me emphasize it once again. We are ready to set up joint ventures in Thailand in order to make products you need. Especially engineering. We are ready to buy in Thailand the products that we need. But in order to make appropriate steps in this direction, we need a deep study of the issue. And for this we probably need to use the experience of relations with other states and create the appropriate commission or group. An intergovernmental commission that will prepare the relevant agreements in the economic sphere. That is, we need basic documents for mutual trade. And you have some projects under consideration. By the way, you and I know what to do now. So let us proceed with these steps.

Pornpetch Wichitcholchai, chairman of the National Assembly of the Kingdom of Thailand:
I hope you will continue to support the strengthening of relations between the two countries. Diplomatic relations between Thailand and Belarus were established 24 years ago, but they have become more dynamic recently, after the visit of the Chairman of the House of Representatives to Thailand. At that time, we agreed to strengthen cooperation in the fields of politics, economy and culture.