2016 Independence Day parade rehearsal in Minsk


2016 Independence Day parade rehearsal in Minsk

The Independence Day parade in Minsk is due on July 3, 2016. The first rehearsals have already taken place. Taking part in the to-be military show near the stela "Minsk - Hero City" were more than 3,500 servicemen, 160 units of military equipment - armored vehicles and self-propelled, multiple rocket launchers.

Opening the parade will be the exclusive Chinese limousines that are used by the PRC leadership to review parades. The banners of the victorious 1st, 2nd and 3rd Belarusian Fronts, which contributed greatly to WWII victory, will be carried.

Participating in the rehearsal were also paratroopers from Russia. By the way, this will be their fourth parade in Minsk.

The most striking will be the performance of the guard of honor. Soldiers of the Minsk garrison began training back in March.

Please watch the video for more details about the rehearsal.