Minsk and Beijing to exchange students and teachers

Minsk and Beijing to exchange students and teachers

Minsk and Beijing will cooperate more actively in the field of education. On June 22, in the Town Hall, the sister cities signed a memorandum.

Thus, the agreement on the exchange of students and teachers was inked. The Chinese side proposed to establish direct contacts between the universities and schools of the two capitals.

The delegation from Beijing will stay in Minsk for a few days. During the visit, Chinese representatives will visit many schools.

In April, an agreement was signed on the sister city relationship between the two capitals, which has already been established through cooperation of the law enforcement agencies of the two cities.

Xian Liangping County, head of the Education Committee of Beijing (China): 
Minsk and Beijing have great prospects in the field of education. Firstly, this is the exchange of students; they can be taught in universities. I am confident that together we will be able to hold scientific conferences to train successful students together. In addition, I am sure that Minsk and Beijing have a lot of high school students who want to share knowledge and experience, traditions and knowledge of the language with each other.

Andrei Shorets, Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee (Minsk Mayor):
I am sure that we have something to learn from each other; it would be useful to the two cities. And in the end, it will affect the quality of education in Minsk