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President Lukashenko about Belaruskali-Uralkali row and possible reunion

Heated discussion took place in the morning in the Great Hall of the Palace of the Republic during the second day of the 5th All-Belarusian People's Assembly. The atmosphere was incredibly lively. 

Here's an example, the speech of Ivan Golovatyi, head of Belaruskali. Bad times are over for the company, the CEO said. It is very important to note that this company was saved and it was the right decision. A very significant fact: almost all machinery at Belaruskali is Belarus-made. In this sense, the Belarus President gave the example of the Great China, which also operates on the principle: "all that is possible to make at home will be made domestically."

Ivan Golovatyi, delegate of the fifth All-Belarusian People's Assembly, Director General of Belaruskali:
Today we have no equal competitors in the world in terms of the basic parameters on which the work period of potash businesses depends: extraction of ore from mineral resources and extraction of useful components from ore. And what is more valuable: all the latest technologies we are introducing at the enterprise are developed by Belarusian specialists. I am sure that in the next 2-3 years we will invite you, Mr Lukashenko, to open a new production facility, which will also produce import-substituting products based on potash. And the foundation for this has been laid in the last five years. A new kindergarten for 320 places to be opened on the eve of September 1 and Miner's Day. We continue housing construction.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
You remember when we had to send to prison some representatives of Russian business. And the battle began. And what now? Now almost every month I receive petitions from the new shareholders of Uralkali begging me to accept them. I say that if there are some offers, I am to meet you.  We were the first to come out of the dive, we have restored our production and we produce more. The world is choosing Belarusian potash. Why? Because the state guarantees the integrity of this company. That's all it says. Here you have a private company and here you have a state-run one, behind which there is a decent state. So I draw your attention: it is always necessary to be honest in the business. You must be able to fight to the death and suffer.
Today Uralkali is ready to unite with us. We do not mind. But please take into account our conditions. Conditions are normal for them. There is a company - Belaruskali (producer) and the Belarusian Potash Company, which sells goods. Okay, let's resume its work. Let's agree how much we will produce. Let's share the market and let's not compete. It will bring good dividends. They say they need time to think. Okay, think. We are not in a hurry. We signed a contract with India yesterday, a good one, judging by the world prices. I suppose other countries will follow suit. We are ready to sign contracts with Brazil; they offer even higher price, and China. And these are the three major consumers of potash. 
In the near future we will build two powerful plants.  One is near Petrikov, I call it Polesiekali I watch closely Polesie. This is my pride. And I am trying everything possible to develop the Polesie.  Mr Golovatyi said that in 2-3 years he will invite us there. And the second is the private company Slavkali on Lyubanskoye field. A state-of-the-art plant will be built. And we will become complete masters in the potash market. We can do everything.  The equipment that extracts the ore should be bought from Germany or the USA, but the rest should be ours. Then we will receive foreign currency for that potassium and reinvest it in our businesses and create the necessary product for Belaruskali. All that we can produce here, should be produced. The experience of China, which I have been studying for 25 years, tells me exactly the same. Chinese are doing great. They began with worse quality but they did try to do it all themselves. And now look: the highest technology, the People's Republic of China at the last congress refused from cheap goods and proceeds to the manufacture of products of the highest level. That's all. That period when they filled the world with cheap goods has ended. Now they offer competitive, good quality goods. We see it: go to the Mission Control Center, which we have created with China. And we have created together with them our defensive weapons. This is the level of Chinese technology. Therefore, we need to remember that we can produce much and it is necessary to introduce all ideas into production. It should be us, our brains. What we cannot produce we must buy, look at it carefully and produce.

President Lukashenko about Belaruskali-Uralkali row and possible reunion