Alexander Lukashenko: Nuclear power plant to increase Belarus' competitiveness

Alexander Lukashenko: Nuclear power plant to increase Belarus' competitiveness

The unity of the people saves peace in the country and the country itself. Belarus needs to overcome the difficulties only thanks to own labor and acting all together, said President Alexander Lukashenko at the V All-Belarusian People's Assembly, which continues in the Palace of the Republic.

The brought together 2,500 delegates from across the country. At the meeting they can express their views on how to further build our own life in the next five years. Foreign guests are also taking part in the forum.

Addressing the delegates, Alexander Lukashenko touched upon the most relevant aspects of the development of Belarus for the next few years.

The development strategy of the next five years includes the five points of growth, the five vectors: investments, employment, exports, information and, of course, the youth. 

Fight for brains in the world has intensified, which is why focus on the youth is also important.

Exhausting checks at enterprises is a separate topic of conversation. The President immediately voices his iron solution: control authorities need to come only after a violation of the law has taken place. 

The Eurasian Union became another vital topic. Despite the fact that this is a good initiative and an excellent integration format, there are problems. Russia and Kazakhstan are creating companies which produce the same products as those in Belarus, which has not been agreed on. Excessive competition will not contribute to the development of the integration association. In reality, co-operation should go first.

The next five-year plan will, of course, become the five years of innovations. Satellite communication systems, new steel types, the Petrikov deposit of potassium salts should become the new point of growth and job creation in the region, as well as nuclear energy. 

Belarus is in the middle of building its own NPP and in the coming years, a cluster of energy-intensive industries will appear around the NPP. 

And it is very important to rebuild Belarusians' psychology. It is necessary to move away from hydrocarbons and come closer to electric power.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Belarus should use the benefits of nuclear energy to form a cluster of energy-intensive industries around the nuclear power station. It is necessary to move away from the use of natural resources such as oil and gas by enterprises and citizens and switch to electricity, which is relatively cheaper.
We will have much electricity in the country after the introduction of nuclear power plant. Some analysts say that Belarus will have so much electricity that no one will know what to do with it because no one will buy it. They will buy it if we offer a quality product at a normal price. Today we need to replace what we don't have - gas, oil, and so on - with electricity. Today the whole world is moving towards green technology, green economy. Today, electric cars are in demand in the world. Therefore it is necessary to prepare our economy and people to the fact that we will have a lot of power and electricity and replace gas stoves with electric stoves. It is necessary that we gradually get used to electric vehicles. It is necessary to acquire more industrial machines working on electricity.
There is also much unwarranted criticism against us in connection with the construction of the nuclear power plant. I tell you directly: the IAEA does not have any complaints regarding the NPP. It is clear why some criticize us: we will become more competitive. By constructing a nuclear power plant, we are making a huge leap forward, and, naturally, we will be more competitive. Therefore, some want us to stand on our knees. The people must know this. We know this and we will not allow anyone to intimidate us. We will build what we plan.

The active use of the subsoil is another major topic. The President urges to dig deeper and look more carefully. Belarus may adopt a new plan for the development of new mineral deposits.

The employment topic was also raised. Small business and the service sector should become a good point where entrepreneurial initiative can be used. Business support centers will be set up in the majority of regions of the country.

And, of course, the youth. The President paid particular attention to this topic. Young people is the most active part of society. Young families should get normal conditions of life. And it does not necessarily mean getting an apartment in Minsk. By the way, speaking about Minsk, the Belarus capital, the President warned against mistakes made by many countries, when a large part or half of the country's population is concentrated in the main city, which is choking because of traffic jams.