Redenomination in Belarus not to cause higher inflation, President Lukashenko says

Redenomination in Belarus not to cause higher inflation, President Lukashenko says

On June 17, the Belarus President visited the Spartak confectionary. Here the head of state spoke about the prospects of development of the enterprise, as well as the innovations in confectionary industry. 

Products under the brand name "Spartak" are exported to 25 countries. Chocolates, waffles, and biscuits made in Gomel have reached such distant countries as Singapore, South Africa and Australia. Spartak sees great prospects on the Chinese market too.

In 2013-2015, over 95% of Spartak's investments were directed to the modernization of fixed assets.  As a result, the company now manufactures about 3,500 different products: from biscuits to chocolate.  

After a tour of the company Alexander Lukashenko, by tradition, talked to factory workers. By the way, this is the first visit of the President to this company.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Well done, you are going in the right direction. Continue this upgrading. As far as possible, the state will help you, at the expense of the regional budget. Nearly 70% of the company today is owned by the Gomel Oblast Executive Committee. I see that the company head wants to work and develop this company. The minister's eyes are burning too. Maybe this is not the case everywhere. But at least we have you as an example.  

The current state of affairs at the company, despite the current difficulties, proves that four years ago the decision to return the company to state property was right.

Alexander Lukashenko:
We were worried that because the state lost control of these enterprises (Kommunarka and Spartak) children would be deprived of quality chocolate and not only. From a purely human motives, I began to study these processes. Today, I absolutely do not regret the decisions I once made to return this company to the state.

The question was, what is called, in the topic of the day. Some staff asked the President whether the state will continue to finance large-scale social projects.

Alexander Lukashenko:
We will have enough means if all businesses work the way you work. Although you can do even better. And your business was hit by the horrible conditions. This instability, as pilots say, turbulence. This crisis is everywhere, everyone is talking about it. And thus we start to believe in it. There is no crisis. The crisis is in our heads. Yes, there is certain instability. Worse, this instability is in our traditional markets and in our brotherly countries (Russia and Ukraine). And this instability hits us. You know that we are counting people. We will continue to be engaged in similar investments in infrastructure and social facilities. I think that during these five years, we will finally reform our entire medicine and education.

The President dispelled rumors about the possible price increases after the July 1 redenomination.

Alexander Lukashenko:
When there is a recalculation of prices, there is a desire to increase slightly, by a kopeck.  But we will not raise prices even by a kopeck though technically we should do it. But people will appreciate it, I know that. So I do not see any problems. And even if someone does raise price by half of a kopeck, you will not notice. There will not be any price rises in connection with the redenomination. I guarantee this. Your governor hears it. This is my first aide and the representative of the Gomel region. We will tear off heads if someone dares to raise prices. I have recently signed a decree turning our Ministry of Trade into the Ministry of Antimonopoly Policy and Trade. That is, it is the ministry that will have total control over pricing.