New children's hospice opens in Minsk region

New children's hospice opens in Minsk region

Passion, 1.5 years of hard work and tens of sincere thankful smiles. A building of the Belarusian Children's Hospice was opened in the Minsk region.

It has all modern medical equipment, clean and comfortable rooms, additional space for rehabilitation department. This was all made possible thanks to donations of caring people and charitable organizations.

The hospice at different times takes care about 150-250 children on average. All in all, about 3,000 Belarusians children suffer from incurable diseases these days.

The Belarusian Children's Hospice is a charitable public organization which basic principle is to help incurably ill kids at home. Now, with the inauguration of the center, it will be much easier to look after such children. The center will offer services such as therapeutic exercises, massage and psychological assistance.

See the facilities of the new hospice center in the article video.