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Belgium interested in Belarusian agricultural machinery and IT

A Belarusian-Belgian business forum opened in Minsk June 14. Taking part in it are representatives of more than 20 companies from Belgium from the construction, food, logistics, agriculture and IT spheres. A business match-making session took place within the framework of the meeting.

Belgium is one of the permanent trade partners of Belarus. It is the 7th most important trading partner of Belarus in the EU, with trade between the kingdom and the republic amounting to almost $400 million in 2016.

Laurent Antoons, CEO of a company producing industrial equipment (Belgium):
I know that Belarus produces a lot of food products. We have already sold here some lines for dairy industry. I am currently looking for partners to work with vegetables and fruits. I think it will be easier in Belarus than in Russia, for example, because agriculture is better organized here. I have already agreed to meet with some of your producers today.

Karel Van Hoorebeke, President of the Flemish Chamber of Commerce (Belgium), Honorary Consul of the Republic of Belarus in Flanders:
The economic situation in Belarus is very stable. In addition, your country is part of the Eurasian Economic Union. This opens up a huge market for us. We are interested in your agricultural equipment and IT technologies. All this opens up great prospects for Belgian companies.

Belgium interested in Belarusian agricultural machinery and IT