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Belarus President congratulates Respublika newspaper on 25th anniversary

The newspaper Respublika is celebrating its 25th anniversary on June 14. Alexander Lukashenko congratulated the newspaper editorial staff on the anniversary.

"For a quarter century, your newspaper has taken its rightful place in the information space of Belarus and gained popularity among readers of different ages and professions," the message reads.

The head of state wished the editorial staff and the authors inspiration, interesting publications, expanded readership and new achievements for the benefit of Belarus.

The Respublika newspaper was the first to have switched to the A3 paper printing format. The appearance of the publication has significantly changed over the years. 

Mikhail Valkovsky, deputy editor-in-chief of Respublika newspaper:
In the newspaper business, time is measured with a slightly different yardstick. Here, the popularity of a newspaper is earned quickly and lost quickly. The newspaper Respublika has established its firm place in the information field of Belarus and has found its reader. The newspaper has its own face, its own audience, so we are quite optimistic about the future.

Belarus President congratulates Respublika newspaper on 25th anniversary