Valentin Gubarev holding art exhibition in Minsk's Yakub Kolas Square

Valentin Gubarev holding art exhibition in Minsk's Yakub Kolas Square

For the first time works of outstanding Belarusian artists went beyond the grounds of museums to the streets of Minsk in 2012. Back then reproductions of works by Marc Chagall were shown in Minsk streets. 

Later, reproductions of another creator of the Vitebsk school - Kazimir Malevich - appeared on Yakub Kolas Square. The open-air exhibition was very popular. In 2014, during the IIHF WM in Minsk, residents and guests of the capital could get acquainted with the works of modern Belarusian artists.

In 2015, 30 reproductions of one of the first Belarusian surrealists - Nikolai Seleshchuk - were put on display in Minsk streets. In 2016, the baton was passed to reproductions of paintings by original and amazing artist Valentin Gubarev.

Valentin Gubarev himself admits that such a project is an important step in the cultural development of citizens.

Valentin Gubarev, artist:
I believe that this is a very good project. It is not about an artist and not for the artist. I can compare it with gardening. Gardening gives us oxygen to breathe fresh air. I believe these projects are like cultural and aesthetic oxygen.

Valentin Gubarev has an amazing sense of humor and fills his paintings with it. The author claims his works have therapeutic properties. 

Heroes of paintings are simple people. Despite the fact that the author himself is a city dweller, his most favorite topic is province. Perhaps this is the main secret of these pictures, because in each of them you can find yourself, your neighbor, a colleague or a friend.