Belarus to create single information space of blood service

Belarus to create single information space of blood service

Belarus will create a single information space of the blood service. According to doctors, it will allow efficiently managing blood inventories.

Now, information systems are linked to a specific region, while the innovation will establish allow for exchanging of data electronically.

On 14 June there is World Blood Donor Day, so the topic is very pressing. You are also welcome to donate your blood.

In 2015, more than 91,000 donors donated over 220 tons of blood. This is the highest figure in the history of Belarus.

Konstantin Shabunevich, Honorary Donor of the Republic of Belarus:
On this day, people need to come to donate blood, because other people are waiting for it, especially those who got in serious accidents. We donate 600 milliliters each. This is only a drop in the sea for a single operation.

Olga Klimovich, deputy chief medical officer for transfusion, 2nd City Clinical Hospital of Minsk:
To date, Minsk blood service gets 34 tons of blood per year. This is a large amount of blood. We have a good result by the number of donations, we actually have a European standard: 40 donations per 1,000 population. It is very good. Another thing is that these donations are actually paid. And so, if we could switch to free donation, the money now spent on the payment could be used to buy higher quality testing equipment, for good quality supplies and for promotion of donor movement.