Belarus sends new ambassadors to Slovakia, Iran, Vietnam and Brazil


Belarus sends new ambassadors to Slovakia, Iran, Vietnam and Brazil

The President of Belarus on June 13 appointed heads of diplomatic missions abroad as well as some local officials, heads of government organizations, educational institutions and ministries. All in all, 28 people were appointed.

Talking with new leaders Alexander Lukashenko formulated the main tasks to be tackled. First of all, these are issues of agriculture, the real economy and specific problems in people's lives. Therefore, the President demanded that the appointees get down to work from the first day, hard and fundamentally.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Good leaders need to be supported, especially chairmen of district executive committees. For many reasons, this is probably because they have the most difficult job. We have no time to waste. How face the people "on the front line". I hope very much that we will be able to cope with the challenges of this time. We simply have to cope; we have no other way. Therefore strongly ask you: deal quickly with staffing problems, without weakening the pressure on the real economy. Impossible is nothing. My advice to you: do not listen to anyone saying that we cannot do something. In our time, it is possible to do everything if you really want. Therefore I beg you: start working from the first day. Work hard and fundamentally. And look: you are watched by everyone and I warn all chairmen of local executive committees about this.

Sergey Dmitriev, Chairman of the Loev regional executive committee:
We have no time to waste and we must act quickly. One of the directions of the district's development is agribusiness. The district focuses on agriculture, with small and compact enterprises. There are all prospects in place to improve the welfare of our citizens.

Yuri Valevatyi, chairman of the Mosty executive committee:
A healthy economy means a healthy family, healthy society. Each of us has some internal reserves which we should be looking for among our labor collectives. This is discipline, order and dictatorship of technologies.

The President also appointed ambassadors to Iran, Korea, Belgium, Slovakia, Vietnam, and Brazil. Many of them will be working with concurrent accreditation in other countries. Alexander Lukashenko also agreed to appoint consuls general of Belarus in Munich and Odessa. 

The President stressed that each of the diplomatic representatives faces the task to increase export and expand trade and economic ties. Belarusian products need proper presentation. The results of this work will be the KPI when it comes to the evaluation of work of Belarusian diplomats abroad.

Alexander Lukashenko:
You represent this country. The main issue is economy, export. This is the most important thing. Based on these issues, we will assess your work. We do not put you in front of some global unsolvable problems. Add little by little, every year. You know our products. You are experienced people. This is my demand: be objective, fair, because you represent the President and the country, and you need to push export and the economy forward. We are looking forward to positive results from you. I'm talking about export. Export to all these countries. Insist. Require tough. I do not think that the minister is hiding from your information, that he does not send reports to the ministries. He does it. But we don't have feedback. If an ambassador requires something from a minister, then control has to be taken and the ministry and the relevant state-run enterprise be made to work in this direction. There should be specific business proposals.

Scientific work and training of new Belarusian economic specialists who are really in demand are the main requirements to the rectors of universities.

Alexander Lukashenko:
You are always at the peak, you will never leave active life because the object of your business simply does not allow you abandoning your active life position. You are working with young, advanced, sensible and intelligent people. This is a huge potential of Belarus. And they must objectively and fairly benefit our country and represent our country.

The head of state also appointed a new rector of the Gomel State University named after Francysk Skaryna.  On this occasion, the newly appointed rector invited the President for a visit. Alexander Lukashenko accepted the invitation.

Alexander Lukashenko:
I must know what the present-day youth feels. And answer the burning questions on the burning problems that exist today in our country. So thank you for the invitation, I'm sure I will come. Maybe I will come this autumn.