Belarus selects Best Cow at BelAgro expo 2016

Belarus selects Best Cow at BelAgro expo 2016

The best cow of Belarus has been chosen at BelAgro 2016 expo 9 June.

The 5-year-old cow named Milashka, from the Brest region, was voted the best.

For several hours, the cows posed before the jury demonstrating... No, not their grace but udders!

It took a year to prepare the participants for the contest. Nominations are quite unusual: the cows competed in the Highest Milk Yield, Highest Fat Content of Milk and other nominations.

Anatoly Khotko, director general of Belplemzhivobedinenie: 
The overall achievement is what we see on the shelves of our country. This is a result of our work. Our farms are being modernized, and we are preparing animals so that they are adapted to the industrial production of milk, resistant to disease and we are working to extend their productive lives. All this is the planned work the breeding service.