Russian President visits BelAgro 2016 expo

Russian President visits BelAgro 2016 expo

Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin visited June 8 the largest agricultural exhibition of 2016 BelAgro in Minsk. Here, the leaders were demonstrated the capabilities of the strongest Belarusian enterprises - namely, new models of agricultural machinery.

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First of all, the two presidents noted the wide range of Belarusian tractors. And here two new models are particularly interesting. One of them, one of the samples is a joint development and innovation of Belarus and Russia, with Russian components used in its design.

A new tractor "Belarus" was shown, which is the most powerful in the Former Soviet Union space - 450 horsepower.

The heads of state took a tour of the expo on a Belarusian MAZ bus, because the area on which the expo is located is very vast - about 30,000m2. In fact, the heads of state were presented a variety of new items of agricultural machinery, agricultural innovations and truly outstanding examples of work of Belarusian livestock breeders.

In 2016, BelAgro coincided with the 3rd Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia, so the event's format was extended. New items of military-industrial complex and chemical industry were presented here for the first time. In particular, on June 8, the presidents were briefed by the Health Minister of Belarus about new developments in the area of medicine.

In addition, Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin watched a new youth collection of Belarusian clothes producers. The presidents were given Belarusian linen shirts with national embroidery as a gift.

Andrei Stasilevich, General Designer of Minsk Tractor Works:
Of course, the leaders were interested in new developments. This is our tractor, 450 hp. This is the most powerful wheeled tractor in the CIS. It is designed to work with combined units in a variety of technologies; it will increase productivity, production per day and so on.

Nikolai Yefimchik, Bellegprom concern chairman:
We made huge technical upgrading. And now the results are here, in our exhibition booth. It was visited by almost all regions, including those with which we closely cooperate, for example the Ivanovo region governor has just left us.

Pavel Konkov, governor of the Ivanovo region of the Russian Federation:
If we agree on actions on the light industry market, (considering that Ivanovo dominates in the Russian cotton market and Belarus, too, is a major producer in this respect), I think it would be beneficial to both parties. And it will be beneficial for business, respectively, and citizens. They will receive a wider product line.

The Belarusian Agricultural Week is now in full swing. The exhibition continues its work even after the closure of the 3rd Forum of Regions and causes interest not only of professional players on the market, but also that of ordinary people.  It is planned that the expo will be visited by over 50,000 people by the end of the week. The number of agreements signed at the expo can still increase.

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