Belarus taking 'calm and adequate' measures in view of increased NATO presence


Belarus taking 'calm and adequate' measures in view of increased NATO presence

Current approaches to achieving economic security became the main topic at a forum of heads of delegations who gathered in Minsk for a session of the Council of CIS supreme bodies of financial control. The President of Belarus met with international experts June 7.

According to Alexander Lukashenko, the CIS should become a political and economic center of power. This is particularly important in light of the 25th anniversary of the Commonwealth.

The leading financial experts of the CIS countries will stay in Minsk a few days.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
When we were together, united, we could stand up at all times, even in the most complex, the most difficult situations. But we, the heirs of this great victory, are now divided. There are groups of people in our countries who already have different attitudes to this victory, but I want to especially stress this to you so that you know that we in Belarus honor this great victory, we are fighting for it even today. Some are trying to take it away from us, this is not a secret. We are fighting against the falsification of history, of our common history in order to ensure that we will not be ashamed in front of our ancestors.

At the round table are eight CIS guests, as well as chairman of the State Control Committee of Belarus Leonid Anfimov. Next to him is a guest from Slovakia - Karol Mitrik.

The situation in the world requires an adequate assessment. Everyone has some problems but it is better to solve them together. A striking example is Belarusian-Russian cooperation. Even a delicate issue of NATO presence build-up in Central Europe does not take the political system out of balance.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Russians often say that NATO deployed a new contingent near Russia's borders. It must be emphasized that it is primarily at our borders, at Belarusian borders. We see it and we accept it without hubbub, using adequate measures. I see that the Russian government today operates in the same manner in the Western direction. I mean that we have a joint group of the Armed Forces in the West, which ensures the safety of our Fatherland, Belarus and Russia. Parts of the Belarusian army are also taking part in that group. And in the case of a conflict, they will be the first to enter the battle, and only then will Russian forces arrive here. We do not hide this from our western... I don't know whether to call them colleagues, partners or rivals… They are well aware of our agreements with the Russian Federation.

During the meeting, the participants raised questions of youth policy and the global economy. Before the meeting, the guests had some time to see Belarus and shared impressions with the President.

Serafim Urekyan, chairman of the Accounting Chamber of the Republic of Moldova:
Yesterday we went some 120 km from Minsk. As a former head of two regions of my republic, I was amazed by the state of your fields. As a former mayor of Chisinau (11 years) I am amazed by the architectural appearance of Minsk, the infrastructure and so on.

Belarus has always stood for the real convergence of the former Soviet republics. Everything changes, and now the stability of the region is at stake. So this is time to make important decisions.

Alexander Lukashenko:
The independence of these states, formed on the post-Soviet area, remains firm. We should... I wanted to say 'find' forms of cooperation but I think we don't need to do this because we all know them. Before us is the variety of forms of cooperation; moreover, we have experience of cooperation in the Soviet Union. What is there to look for? A desire of your presidents and you would be enough. If there are such desires, we will cooperate. If we follow other principles because of certain political forces, then we will never find cooperation between the republics and skirmishes and conflicts or, god forbid, even war will start between us, as it is now in Ukraine. Therefore, everything is in our hands. Do not split hairs and lie to the peoples. If we want to be together, we will always be.

Now more and more criticism towards the Commonwealth is heard. Some even want to exit the CIS. In these circumstances, Belarus votes in favor of the CIS' preservation. The Commonwealth's potential is far from exhausted. 

Economic security is still the main topic. Financial control bodies can play a huge role in the harmonization of relations between the member states of the Commonwealth.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Can grow successfully only thanks to strict state control over financial flows, strict adherence to the rule of law in this sector. It is necessary to put an insurmountable barrier to mismanagement, misuse of budget funds, capital flight abroad, illegal currency transactions, corruption and other negative phenomena. The majority of problems arise in the financial sector. Therefore, you have to work much. But hence your value is rising. We in Belarus attach great importance to this area. And frankly, as the President, I can tell you that we have a lot of problems here, especially related to the lack of professionals and lack of unity in the security services when working in this direction.

Later in the afternoon the final documents were signed. Among others, the participants adopted a work plan and a resolution of understanding.

There is a clear understanding of a direction in which to move forward.

Leonid Anfimov, Chairman of the State Control Committee of the Republic of Belarus:
We don't need to reinvent the wheel, we can take European experience and adopt it taking into account the specifics of work and our economic conditions.