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Russia interested in Belarus' experience in maternal mortality prevention

Belarus and Russia continue to discuss the bilateral cooperation in the nine major spheres of life of the Union State during the 3rd Forum of Regions, which is underway in Minsk. 

A sector for healthcare for people of Russia and Belarus started to work at City Clinical Hospital No2 of Minsk. The two countries' health officials identified the priority topics: the creation of a single pharmaceutical market, exchange of experience in the field of transplantation, as well as prevention of common diseases when it comes to both adults and children.  

Vasily Zharko, Minister of Health of the Republic of Belarus:
Today we will also consider issues of maternal and child health, pediatric hematology and generally approaches to reduce the incidence of infectious diseases. We earlier concluded five agreements between the ministries of the two countries, ranging from health care and training and re-training to the recognition of our diplomas. Now we are discussing an agreement on the recognition of the results of post-graduate education, so that our specialists can start work right away without any problems.

Dmitry Kostennikov, State Secretary - Deputy Minister of Health of the Russian Federation:
We have quite an interest in the Belarusian model: this is an approach based on prevention. This approach leads to the fact that Belarus has better infant and maternal mortality rates than the Russian Federation, although we are actively developing high-tech healthcare infrastructure.

Russia interested in Belarus' experience in maternal mortality prevention