Forum of Belarusian and Russian regions starts in Minsk June 7

Forum of Belarusian and Russian regions starts in Minsk June 7

The third Forum of Belarusian and Russian regions have opened in Minsk. Taking part in it will be the Belarusian and Russian heads of state. It is expected that Alexander Lukashenko will speak at a plenary session on June 8. On the same day he is going to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. It will be held at the Palace of Independence.

The heads of state will discuss topical issues of the bilateral agenda, cooperation in integration associations and international problems. But the main topic of the forum will be the social and humanitarian cooperation in the Union State.

The forum in Minsk is attended by representatives of 43 Russian regions. 13 of them are represented at the level of governors and 3 at the level of prime ministers.

Anatoly Rusetsky, Deputy Chairman of the Council of Republic of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus:
Collaboration between our regions has become a real driving force that gives the content to the entire process of development of the Union State. Consideration of the practical issues of cooperation with the involvement of regions and business entities allows monitoring and identifying problems in the implementation of the integration decisions.

Yuri Vorobyov, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation:
I believe that the activities of our inter-parliamentary committee of the Forum makes it more concrete. For us regional cooperation of our countries in the practical sphere is vital. We would like to get viable results from this collaboration.

Today, the work will begin in 9 sections. About 40 agreements will be signed by the two governments.

Grigory Rapota, State Secretary of the Union State:
The wider the layers of cooperation - administration and simply human relations, the more solid foundation on which we stand and develop. Therefore, we have never questioned the need for such interaction. It is good that it has acquired such a stable form.