Belarusian children about big politics: Import, export, strategies and negotiations

Belarusian children about big politics: Import, export, strategies and negotiations

And one more look at the major trade and political events. Olga Petrashevskaya decided to look at all these serious things from an unusual angle: she asked what little Belarusians think about big politics and economic theory.

Own strategy, negotiations and even export of... the hamster Khoma. In this room, like in big politics, someone exits the international arena and some tell others what to do.

Olga Belaya, mother of many children:
We hear truth from the mouths of babes. Very often, they say things that adults do not even think about and children do give advice!

The first tip from the age category "0+" is not to quarrel, even if you really want, which is true for people and for countries.

A friend will not leave you in trouble. You can share with him and he will share with you. 

Here is what Dasha thinks about why states need friends.

Daria Belaya, Minsk resident:
Countries should always be friends. For example, it is always warm in one country and cold in the other. And the cold one can always help the warm one!

Anastasia Rusakovich, Minsk resident:
I'm friends with Milana, Ksenia, Angelina, Masha, Lera, Nastya (Who should Belarus be friends with?) With everyone!

One needs to be friends with everyone to "visit each other and do a lot of things together." Matvei explains to us why countries need coalitions. This is like in children's construction kits: the more details, the better the results.

Matvei Shimanovich, resident of Minsk:
(What is the best: when a country is alone living for itself or when countries come together in a union?) It is better with the union. There are more people and they can help during construction. (Does anyone want to make friends with Belarus?) Yes. Because, for example, there are all sorts of water parks and zoos here.

Veronika has very different reasons! According to the young expert, waterparks is not enough to make friends!

Veronika Tarasik, resident of Minsk:
(Why do other countries want to make friends with Belarus?) It is beautiful, with lots of flowers and plants. There are different rivers flowing here...

Veronika has her own opinion about export destinations.

Veronika Tarasik, resident of Minsk:
(What can we offer other countries?) We can teach them gymnastics and dance. (What can we sell?) Jackets and sweaters! 

Pavel Molochkovsky, resident of Minsk:
I know what we can sell! Fresh air!

Veronika Tarasik, resident of Minsk:
Thus we will make even more friends. More new things will appear. 

This family does not read articles about big politics but definitely knows that...

Valeria Komachenok, resident of Minsk:
...if countries are united, they will earn more.

Valeria also knows what presidents talk about with each other on the sidelines of summits.

Valeria Komachenok, resident of Minsk:
They tell each other how they live and ask about family and kids.

Pavel Molochkovsky, resident of Minsk:
(What do presidents talk about when no one sees them?) About books, nature and holidays. (And how easy is it to be president of a country?) It is not easy, it is very hard. Because if you're president, you need to move from place to place or fly on rockets!

However, Pavel thinks it is not that hard to reach space heights of international politics and economy of Belarus. Like a veteran analyst Pavel tells us about the uncompromising scheme of worldwide success.

Pavel Molochkovsky, resident of Minsk:
(With whom should Belarus make friends?) With the entire planet! (Do others want to be our friends?) Yes, because we are good, we do not offend anyone, do not push anyone. (What can Belarus offer the world?) Kindness! And also we have food products and beauty!