What places in Minsk will become smoke free?


What places in Minsk will become smoke free?

Belarusian tobacco manufacturers will be obliged to use frightening cigarette packaging.  They will demonstrate the consequences of addiction. Such are the requirements of new technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union. Some Belarusian companies have also decided to fight smoking. They encourage employees who do not take "smoke breaks".

Half of the square of each cigarette pack will be taken by images of consequences of smoking - the 12 terrible diagnoses: blindness, tumor, stroke, and lung cancer. While avid smokers are unlikely to be stopped, these pictures will definitely make "newbies" think twice.

Each year, the tobacco epidemic kills almost six million people. That's more than the population of St. Petersburg. In Belarus, about 30% of the population smokes. This is almost one in three men and one in five women. This is 15% lower than at the beginning of the 2000s.

Cafes and restaurants, city parks and squares in Belarus have already become smoke-free. 19 stations across the country have declared themselves tobacco-free zones, leaving only small islands where smokers can stand.

During the six months this experiment seems to have paid off: platforms have become much cleaner, studies say. 

Soon smoking rules in Belarus will be further tightened: nicotine inhalation will be banned on stairwells, common loggias, children's playgrounds, beach areas, workplaces and bus stops.