Belarusian runner wins ultramarathon in Daugavpils


Belarusian runner wins ultramarathon in Daugavpils

An athlete from Belarus Tatiana Gurskaya has won the 100km ultramarathon in Daugavpils (Latvia).

The runner overcame 37 laps spending more than 10 hours. Taking part in the competition were other Belarusian athletes: Vladimir Kandybo, Igor Novitsky, Anatoly Laput and Valery Kruglikov. They ran 50 km, becoming winners in their age groups.

Tatiana Gurskaya took part in the charity event, organized by one of Belarusian cellular communication operators. The campaign was timed to the International Children's Day - June 1st. Each participant overcomes a distance with smartphones that record your distance with the help of fitness applications. The result is published on social networks and the distance is converted into money, with each 1km equaling approximately $1. All this money goes to the orphanage in Belarus' Ivenets, where children with physical disabilities live.

The Belarusian runner earned the orphanage over $100.

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