Svaryn - the most modern border post in Belarus


Svaryn - the most modern border post in Belarus

Let's move from the center of the country to its border areas. There is a reason for that because on May 28 Belarus celebrated Border Guards Day. Our correspondent visited the most modern outpost on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border together with the head of the State Border Committee.

Mathematics, geography and literature. At first glance, everything is like in a regular classroom, but after classes, these students take part in drills, shooting exercises and study border service history and even etiquette. This is how these keepers of borders are brought up.

Two Brest cadet guard classes are the first such in Belarus. Other schools also got interested in this successful idea. As practice shows it's easier to raise a defender of the borders and the Fatherland not alone but in a well-coordinated tandem.

And this is a place to which not every adult, let alone students, is allowed to go. Here at the monitors is a section of the border which length is several kilometers. The picture is not worse than that of highly-rated reality shows. Moreover the picture is available online for both Pinsk detachment officers in charge and officials at the Border Committee. However, not only perpetrators get under the electronic eye.

Alexander Demchenko, head of the border post Svaryn:
Once several deer came to our protection line. And then a wolf appeared and began to chase them. It was very interesting to see how they ran. An elk once butted this system.

Berry or mushroom pickers can also become guests of this protection line by mistake. This map marks the most "prolific" areas. By the way, local residents and a team of foresters also contribute to border protection.

Nikolai Kabak is a forestry worker with 25 years of experience. Thanks to his squad several violators were caught in the seemingly dull area. During the first quarter of 2016, about 20 people were caught.

Nikolai Kabak, forestry worker:
The intruder was passing this place. Our worker and combatant saw the stranger and border guards detained this person.

Sergeant Dmitry Osipov is serving on the border. This work is very responsible and difficult. Dmitry has someone to rely on. Near the border guard the sheep dog Hardy even forgets about the fear of heights. The dog is specially trained to catch offenders.

Dmitry Osipov, military officer, border post Svaryn:
During detentions she behaves well - we train her. When she sees a person in civilian clothing she immediately understands that this person needs to be detained. She is also protecting me.

It is good when everything you need is within walking distance. For example, a house for families of officers is located near the border post Svaryn. This is how soldiers are having rest. They can use a small fitness room inside.

Yevgeny Dubeiko, engineer of information technologies center:
The border guard needs to be in shape all the time, all year round. We need to have different qualities, be able to use martial arts techniques, be physically strong and of course not forget about endurance. And we can be sure we will be able to protect the state border.

Thanks to modern technologies, the Belarusian border, almost 3,000 kilometers long, now has multiple complementary layers of protection. For example, this gyroplane can fly at an altitude of 4,000 meters and reach speeds up to 200 km/h. As a consequence, in order to respond to the signal, border guards serving in any part of our country now need a few minutes.

Sergei Pateyuk, head of information technology department of the State Border Committee:
It allows us to make modern technical means of border protection, such as the modern fiber optic signaling complex Voron and the modern seismic and video complex Pauk, which is now undergoing operational tests. These means are activated at the border and transmit information to officers on duty in real time.

The outpost Svaryn at the border with Ukraine is called the flagship of the borderland. For now this is the only such complex in Belarus but it's clear that the situation will improve in the future. The Kobrin border post may be the next in line to be modernized in the same way.

Leonid Maltsev, Chairman of the State Border Committee of Belarus:
First, we need to exclude the subjective factor as much as possible. Second, we must create a system that would prevent a person from violating rules. It is in this direction that we are working.

Not so long ago, many experienced smugglers used this part of the border with Ukraine. Today the 40 km of the Svaryn border area serve as a model for the rest of Belarus, providing guarantee of security for all Belarusians.