Belarus on Lithuania's accusations about Belarusian NPP safety


Belarus on Lithuania's accusations about Belarusian NPP safety

A number of loud statements on May 27 were made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus. The Foreign Minister informed the media about the preparation of visits of the President of Belarus to the west. At the same time, Belarus said it is ready to welcome the Pope.

The minister noted that the exact time of the visit is not known but there is willingness in principle.

Vladimir Makei expressed position on the statements of neighboring Lithuania, which has recently reproached Belarus about the safety of the Belarusian nuclear power plant, which is under construction.

Vladimir Makei, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus:
Those are reactors of the previous generation, while we are going to build the reactor 3+. The previous generation reactors are in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Finland and in several other countries, Bulgaria... And there are no complaints to them from the safety standpoint. We are building a new reactor, improved in terms of safety. In fact, there is even greater level of protection. So we do not understand this reaction of our Lithuanian partners.