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Independence Day parade rehearsals due in Minsk 25 and 28 June

Legendary T-34s and the new generation of military equipment will be presented at the Independence Day parade in Minsk, Belarus, due on July 3, 2016. The military are preparing for the parade at the military airfield Lipki. Another rehearsal was held there May 26.

All in all, about 160 units will partake in the parade, including armored vehicles, self-propelled weapons and multiple rocket launchers. They will be joined by WWII retro machinery. The length of the column will be about two kilometers.

Final rehearsals will be held 25 and 28 June. Taking part in the July 3 parade in Minsk will also be soldiers of the Minsk garrison and the guard of honor.  

Vladimir Kulazhin, deputy commander of the North-Western Operational Command of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus:
We have completed a second week of training of the mechanized columns, in which we work on coherence, right distance, the speed and alignment. This training is not only preparation for ceremonial activities, but it also a way to increase the level of professional training of mechanics and drivers. Our military are coordinating activities and increasing the level of technological readiness as well as driving skills.

Independence Day parade rehearsals due in Minsk 25 and 28 June