Two Stars show on CTV Channel names the best Belarusian musician and TV presenter

Two Stars show on CTV Channel names the best Belarusian musician and TV presenter

Yesterday, the CTV Channel aired the Audience Choice Award ceremony of the project Two Stars. The winners were determined by a popular vote, according to which the main prize went to the presenter Olga Burlakova and singer Alexei Khlestov. This duo sang with another seven couples taking part in the show.

The show has been going on for several weeks.

It consisted of four rounds, with live singing and an orchestra.

Winning the competition was the lyrical ballad I Love You To Madness.

Alexei Khlestov and Olga Burlakov, the winners of the musical show Two Stars:
Many had tears in their eyes, including Alexei.

Yes, and when we went on stage, my entire body was shaking because Olga is such a strong partner!

This musical and television marathon was launched in April. The four blocks featured songs from movies and world hits, domestic melodies and songs of WWII. All the eight pairs showed their talents.

Skeptics complained why unprofessional singers should be on stage but the organizers insisted that not music and singing but emotions and participants' efforts were much more valuable.

The CTV presenter Alexander Mezhenny works together with Olga Burlakova in a morning TV program, but  they were separated in Two Stars. However, Alexander, paired with the singer Iskui Abalyan, took second place. There was no competition, the participants admit. "We just became even better friends," they underlined.

This year, the CTV Channel celebrates its 15th anniversary, and, of course, the main purpose of the musical battle Two Stars is not the demonstration of vocal abilities but unity and team spirit!