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Belarus' hero pilot Vladimir Karvat commemorated May 23

Relatives and friends, colleagues of the first Hero of Belarus Vladimir Karvat commemorated the hero pilot in the Brest region. The pilot heroically died in a plane crash 20 years ago.  

In 1996, the pilot was carrying out a training flight. In the sky, the plane caught fire and went out of control. Vladimir Karvat sacrificed his life to save dozens of people: the pilot went on to control the blazing fighter from two settlements of the Baranovichi district. Experts claim that the pilot was holding the levers until the last second.

Colleagues and relatives remember that he had dreamed of flying his entire life.

Alexander Potekhin, colleague of Vladimir Karvat:
The cockpit lied separately and the pilot's hands were on the flight controls. He did not even think about catapulting. I knew him before the crash, we met at some security conferences and I knew him as a person who was infinitely loyal to the sky, endlessly devoted to Belarusian land.

Belarus' hero pilot Vladimir Karvat commemorated May 23