CTV news program and several presenters win at 2016 Televershina TV contest

CTV news program and several presenters win at 2016 Televershina TV contest

The Palace of the Republic on May 20 hosted a ceremony to award the winners of the 12th national TV competition Televershina. There were 25 categories. The CTV Channel was represented in almost each of them. 

Yana Shipko, CTV correspondent:
Now we have a unique opportunity to watch a live presentation of the main TV award ceremony of the year here in the Palace of the Republic.  The CTV channel has won two statues. Televershina was received by the you are now watching on air - News 24 Hours. In addition, the best thematic program presenter is Irina Rombalskaya. For her, it was the fifth nomination.

In 2016, the award ceremony is organized and broadcast by the television channel CTV and the show took place according to the best "Hollywood" traditions: golden figurines against the background of red velvet curtains, festive atmosphere, and of course intrigue. On May 19 the CTV Channel talked to nominees. 

Alexei Yunash, CTV operator:
We are very pleased that our work was noted. First of all, these are people who are always behind the scenes. We are increasingly often entrusted to organize very complex and important events. I hope we live up to our trust. Let's hope for a good result.

Alexander Serebennikov and Natalia Nemogai, ONT presenters:
The atmosphere is very friendly, very pleasant and welcoming.

Absolutely right.

Igor Poznyak, head of information broadcasting directorate of the TV company Stolichnoe Televidenie:
It was a very important year for the country, a very important year for journalists. And very important year for us, TV staff. And each of us tried this year to try their best and give birth to something new. Our channel had a lot of premieres and of course our colleagues showed lots of new things. And, perhaps, today, there will be a competition of these premieres.

Yevgeny Kryzhanovsky, Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus, ONT presenter:
This is the first time I have been nominated, so I am a bit worried, despite all the television experience.  Time is now difficult but we still send good mood to each house.

All in all, there were 25 nominations. The professional jury chose the best of the best. They had to watch about 300 works submitted to the competition from across the country.

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