2016 Televershina TV contest: Presidential orchestra and winners' emotions

2016 Televershina TV contest: Presidential orchestra and winners' emotions

Another parade of professionals drew our attention this week. How can we not tell you about ourselves?! The best TV shows and talented presenters received statuettes and diplomas of the national television competition Televershina 2016. Alyona Syrova knows what was behind the scenes and on stage.

For the 12th consecutive year, in spring, TV professionals from across the country come together to review their last year’s work in the media. Televershina is sometimes compared to Oscar. And it's not just because of refined public, the press and a bright show, but also because of the professional level of the nominees.

It is gratifying that the ceremony returned to the Palace of the Republic. And it is even more symbolic that the Presidential Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus took part in the show.

Viktor Babarikin, artistic director and chief conductor of the Presidential Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus:
We have new arrangements. For example, the Televershina song was remade. It is important that everything is clear, beautiful and doesn't bore the audience.

An hour before the ceremony, guests gathered in the lobby of the Palace of the Republic for the so-called pre-party. The nominees and the jury were surrounded by a dense ring of journalists so they could be easily seen in the crowd.

Igor Poznyak, head of information broadcasting directorate of the TV company Stolichnoe Televidenie:
Even those who are very experienced in TV business are still worried. Your heart jumps inside when you are named among the three nominees. A good journalist cannot do without ambition. Everyone wants to get on the stage and receive the statuette.

While the audience speculated and fantasized about the format of the show this year, the organizers smiled enigmatically and intrigued the visitors even more.

Pavel Korenevsky, Deputy Director General of the TV company Stolichnoe Televidenie:
All that is happening today on stage is available on the Internet and in social networks under the hashtags #Televershina and #interactive. So I hope that all those who now surround me are sharing photos on Facebook, VKontakte and Instagram and do not forget to use the hashtag #Televershina.

Social media in the matter of minutes filled with hundreds of photos from #Televershina. Three minutes before going on stage experienced presenters were on excited.

Anton Martynenko, TV presenter:
Of course, this is a very exciting moment. But at the same time, it's the most pleasant one, to be honest. The first seconds on stage are the most difficult!

That night, 25 nominations were contested, among which was the main "Oscar" of Belarusian TV industry and six special prizes. The jury watched about 300 works.

Lilia Ananich, Minister of Information of the Republic of Belarus:
I would like our TV to always aspire to higher technologies and better programs, which present a very serious look at economy and politics. We need to pay even more attention to the formation of the younger generation's outlook.            

Regional media are evolving quite rapidly. By the way, the TV company Shklov received a statuette for the best regional TV news program called "Itogi".

Alexander Efremov, co-chairman of the jury of the 12th national television competition Televershina:
TV in provincial towns is evolving very quickly. TV channels now offer not only what they deem necessary but also what people actually want and need.

2015 was full of political events in Belarus and abroad and it is not surprising that the majority of awards went to those journalists who keep abreast of world news 24/7.

Vyacheslav Bulatsky, jury member, XII national television competition Televershina:
This was a special year for our television. There were significant social and political events. And, of course, all the creative forces of TV channels were focused on this form of broadcasting, on the creation of this type of programs. I must say that all the channels coped with this task very well.

The first nomination and first bronze statuette for the Best Daily News Program went to the CTV Channel's program "24 Hours".

A real battle unfolded in the categories Best Reporter and Best Screenplay. Televershina for best documentary was received VoenTV (Military TV). The laureates did not hide their emotions either on stage or behind it.

Alyona Syrova, correspondent:
This year, the organizers of the 12th edition of Televershina set a task to make the show as bright, colorful and concise as possible. That is why the winners go from the stage straight behind the scenes, where my colleagues are waiting for them. And just a few minutes ago, the name of the Best Thematic Program Presenter was announced. It is the CTV presenter Irina Rombalskaya. Ira was nominated for the fifth time. And the fifth time was a happy one. Ira, please share your feelings and impressions.

Irina Rombalskaya, TV presenter:
Honestly, I did not expect that. Long ago, I wanted it very much but then began to understand that you cannot always win. Perhaps, when you stop focusing on something you really want, it comes to you. And here is a long-awaited statuette, in my hands!

Ekaterina Zabenko, TV presenter:
Here, with this diploma, with Televershina, there are hundreds of people who devoted their lives to television.

Inna Afanasyeva, Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus:
Televershina is a brand that many know. They are eager to get this award.

The Grand Prix of the 12th Televershina 2016 went to the Belarusian TV and Radio Broadcasting Company for the documentary series Belarus XXI.

Televershina 2016 will long be remembered by the audience as the most vivid and concise.

Oleg Titkov, TV presenter:
Each Televershina is special. First, each channel has its own approach. Each channel has its own "handwriting", which is very recognizable.

Presenters, reporters, cameramen, directors, writers, producers and all those who are daily working to perfect television images left their workplaces for one night to climb to the TV Olympus and start their journey to the 13th Televershina, which award ceremony will take place in the spring of 2017.