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Unique picture of Mickiewicz by Belarus' painter Khrutsky exhibited in Polotsk

A portrait painted by the famous Belarusian artist Ivan Khrutsky in the XIX century was presented in Polotsk. It depicts the famous poet and public figure Adam Mickiewicz. The work was found by accident.

In 2010, the ancient Polotsk was announced the first cultural capital of Belarus. The same year, the name of the famous painter Ivan Khrutsky was included in the list of UNESCO's memorable dates. The exhibition of his works was timed to this very event. During the preparation of the exhibition the portrait was found.

Larisa Lysenko, head of the art gallery of the Polotsk Museum-Reserve:
We decided to hold a series of examinations, a number of studies and contacted the Institute of Russian Literature of Saint Petersburg and many other art historians. Today, the results suggest that this work actually belongs to Ivan Khrutsky.

Curiously, the reverse side of the canvas has two more pictures. This is a sketch of a female portrait, over which there is a still-life painting. Scientists suggest that these works also belong to Khrutsky. However, it is now impossible to say for sure.

Unique picture by Belarus' painter Khrutsky exhibited in Polotsk