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Minsk Design Week 2016: Unusual objects adorn city and change its future

Each warm season decorates Minsk with some new art objects. Minsk is transformed and becomes a point of attraction for many artists, designers and architects. One of such examples is the recent Minsk Design Week. This event had already been held in Minsk earlier and by 2016, it really gained momentum.

Residents could get introduced to modern trends in design and take a fresh look at Minsk's improvement in the very heart of the city. Here, in the historic part of the city, the festival participants exhibited their best works: from street furniture to incredible installations.

Minsk residents and guests especially loved the lounge area on the bank of the river Svisloch: swings, hanging chairs, hammocks and new street furniture. Few can pass by such pleasures.

The positive sides of having such street furniture are evident. Today, city architects are working to spread these objects in urban street environment.

Andrei Korovyansky, curator of public exhibitions Minsk Design Week 2016:
The mayor instructed the Union of Designers to develop a concept of new modern furniture in Pobeditelei Avenue. And thanks to these works, we could not only enjoy the novelties of urban design but also see how people react to them. 
The fact is that the average life of a bench in a city is 2.5-3 years and then it needs overhaul. If a seat is made from wood, these terms are shorter. But if we use new materials, which are easy to clean and are vandal proof, we can extend its service life. This is economically advantageous.

Even the surface of the Svisloch River did not remain without attention of designers. Several installations were presented there too.

Belarusian designers also paid attention to the problem of the habitat of waterfowl. A small house for ducks was established on the river bank.

Andrei Korovyansky, curator of public exhibitions Minsk Design Week 2016:
We wanted to use the river not only for temporary objects. In fact that house will serve as a nest for waterfowl. These are the places where the birds can hide from dangerous weather. This is a very interesting thing, especially for designers.

Several such houses will be installed over the entire water area of ​​the river Svisloch until October.

And let us not forget magnificent bird houses, which not only perform their direct function but also adorn the city.

In 2016, Belarusian artists addressed the problem of the disappearance of birds. Incredible images of rare species of birds appeared here on a retaining wall (please watch the video).

Graphics, street furniture, bird houses and houses for ducks - these innovations will be gradually introduced into Minsk's urban environment and become the bright parts of the image of the Belarus capital.

Design Week in Minsk: Unusual objects adorn city and change its future