Bialowieza Forest hosts first horn music international festival

Bialowieza Forest hosts first horn music international festival

Unusual sounds were heard in the Bialowieza Forest on May 14.  The oldest forest of Europe hosted the first international festival of horn music and songs.

Since the 15th century, no hunting took place without these sounds. There are about a hundred of different signals - from "Gathering of shooters" to "greetings". With the help of horn music Belarusian ancestors paid honors to dead animals.

Hunting horns or pipes only at first glance appear to be primitive instruments. Today, excerpts from operas or even entire symphonies and overtures are performed with their help. The range has been extended up to 4 octaves.

Horn music was forgotten and has not sounded here for several centuries. To revive its traditions is the main idea of ​​the festival in Bialowieza Forest. Polish colleagues heard the "call" of Belarusian hunters and foresters.

Andrzej, participant of the festival (Poland):
It is simple music, almost forest music, the music of nature. Many of those who play horns, like me, are foresters. I think it's the music that brings together all those who are interested in nature, both in Poland and in Belarus. Our ensemble is 20 years old and there are more than a thousand lovers of horn music in Poland.

Veronika Malovik, chief specialist of the National Park Belovezhskaya Pushcha:
Previously it was a really breathtaking ceremony, when royalty went out to hunt. Horse-drawn carriages were used and packs of dogs. Musicians were with horns and rode on horseback. This is a very beautiful sight.