Integrity, competence and geography: Why are big powers interested in cooperation with Belarus?


Integrity, competence and geography: Why are big powers interested in cooperation with Belarus?

Chairman of the Council of the Republic of Belarus' National Assembly Mikhail Myasnikovich, together with other parliamentarians and businessmen, visited India and met with almost all high-ranking officials of that vast country and opened a BelAZ service center. But to put in order all the events of last week and understand why Belarus is a point of interest of many world powers, let us begin the program with a piece of interview from the Indian capital New Delhi, from where we have just come back.

The delegation you are heading has come to India; we also have efficient cooperation with China, let alone Russia. That is, the largest nations in the world are interested in seemingly small Belarus, which is smaller in size than many Indian states. Why?

Mikhail Myasnikovich, Chairman of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus:
Firstly, this is because of our integrity in relations. And, second, or we can even put it first, it is because we are bearers of new knowledge. Our intelligent and professional level is very high. In this sense, people see that we can create and generate completely new things. For example, in terms of the development of IT, we have already bypassed India, which has been considered one of the leading countries in this field for many decades. And the third point is that we are in Europe. For India, a European partner is something attractive in itself. Even despite we are a young European, even an Eastern European nation, we are still the cradle of many interesting and innovative developments. And it seems to me that integrity, competence and our geographic location is not a complete list of our real advantages that contribute to successful development.

Let us assume that these are the three pillars.

Mikhail Myasnikovich:
Yes, the three pillars. Therefore, we will be part of the economic belt of the Great Silk Road. We want its northern part to be in Belarus rather than in Turkey before it heads to other countries. So there is a lot of work, but this work is interesting and this is really a strategic area of ​​development. We have decent staff, who certainly knows how to make bolts, nuts, how to join them and how to repair engines. We have excellent engineers. Therefore, the ministries, the government, the Council of the Republic and our parliament in general should promote Belarus' interests in distant countries and secure its place in traditional markets.