CTV Channel presents website at exhibition Mass Media in Belarus

CTV Channel presents website at exhibition Mass Media in Belarus

The international exhibition Mass Media in Belarus continues its work in Minsk. Taking part in the forum are national TV channels, news agencies and leading newspapers.

On May 13, the CTV Channel's stand presented a virtual component of the channel's work. Every day, the CTV website offers you online news, including the English version, news videos from the most important events in Belarus and interactive contests. CTV presenters are active users of social networks, and via their accounts, you can see how the CTV Channel works and lives.

Yekaterina Zabenko, CTV presenter:
What is the most interesting for the audience? This is of course how TV programs are made and how TV presenters live in everyday life. By uncovering some details in social networks we attract viewers to our TV content and our favorite work.

Nadezhda Rekut, director of Internet Broadcasting Directorate of the CTV Channel:
Our site is constantly being updated, almost in real time. You can find there all TV programs aired by the channel. The number of site visitors is constantly growing. On May 9, which is Victory Day, we recorded about 140,000 pageviews. These is a very good figure.

Also today, there was presented the content of the TV channel RTR Belarus and the project International KVN League, which is a humor TV show and contest. Some Belarusian and international KVN teams staged a little show with some really funny jokes.

Anton Martynenko, presenter of the project International KVN League:
People from the UK come to us. There is a team from London and there is even a team from Khabarovsk. I think this is further than London. We are waiting for South America and Africa to join us. Almost all the continents are playing.  And it is very cool to know that a lot of teams who are now playing in the KVN Highest League in Moscow once played KVN in our international (a bit lower in ranking - note by CTV.by) league in Minsk.