Belarus' IVAN misses out on Eurovision 2016 final

Belarus' IVAN misses out on Eurovision 2016 final

In the second semifinal of the international song contest Eurovision 2016, the representative of Belarus Alexander Ivanov (IVAN) failed to progress to the final and become the 5th Belarusian performer to reach the final.

Edward Kate, journalist (United Kingdom): 
I'm so shocked. I was 100% sure that Belarus would be in the final. For me, it was the strongest number in visual terms. Everything was done professionally, at an international level. I think Belarus should be proud of its performance.

Michal Szpak, representative of Poland at Eurovision 2016
I really like IVAN. Sadly, he did not make it into the final but I wish him luck. I'm sure he has great future.

The Belarusian sang Help You Fly, written by the Russian producer Victor Drobysh, and his song was accompanied by a hologram of wolf and lots of lighting effects. Bookies predicted IVAN only the 30th place.

Singers from Latvia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Australia, Ukraine, Serbia, Poland, Israel, Lithuania and Belgium have reached the final and joined the finalists from semifinal 1: Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, the Czech Republic, Croatia, the Netherlands, Cyprus, Malta, Hungary and Austria. 

The final of the international song contest will be held in Stockholm on 14 May.