Mass Media in Belarus exhibition opens in Minsk

Mass Media in Belarus exhibition opens in Minsk

The XX International Specialized Exhibition Mass Media in Belarus has opened in Minsk. This is the largest gathering of journalists, which traditionally brings together hundreds of print media and TV channels not only from Belarus but also abroad. The CTV channel also presents its stand there. This year, the channel celebrates its 15th anniversary.

Lilia Ananich, Minister of Information of the Republic of Belarus:
Guests are coming to us and this year representatives of 20 states, media and experts are here. This suggests that we are developing our national information space painstakingly, day after day.

Media space today is one big rating system, be it television, print media, or Internet sources. Belarusian media know well their viewers, reader and listeners. And this helps form an objective opinion.

Igor Buzovsky, Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration:
The role of the media is invariably enormous. If journalists and analysts work professionally, then the state will be developing in various fields.

Maxim Slizh, CTV:
You can see here not least the latest television and print content, but also go back in time. Belarusian military TV offers an example of a soldier's uniform of the Great Patriotic War and even weapons of that time. You can also get an instant photo.  

CTV presenters do not cease to generate ideas even at the exhibition. 

Natalia Mikhailik and Oleg Stepanyuk, CTV presenters:
Our main goal with Natasha is not only to tell the audience about our young channel and all the presenters but also find out audience rating.
I know that the CTV channel guarantees competitions, gifts and good mood!

Spectators took part in various competitions and also looked into how the channel works. They could even try themselves as journalists. The audience successfully guessed to which TV presenter each voice belongs and answered questions about programs and their topics.

Analysis showed that during the 15 years on the air, the TV channel CTV won its audience and became a permanent guest on TVs of many Belarusians.

Yekaterina Zabenko, CTV anchor:
Meeting with our favorite audience should take place in this very atmosphere, relaxed and friendly. There should be no barriers between TV presenters and the audience. We should be as close as possible to each other.

The forum will last till 14 May. Journalists and other media representatives will hold master classes and meet during roundtable discussions as part of the media forum.