Church bells in Belarus' temples: You can become a bell-ringer!

Church bells in Belarus' temples: You can become a bell-ringer!

Church bells were ringing in all temples of Belarus during the Easter week. Moreover, everyone can try oneself in a role of a bell-ringer! Everything you need is to get a blessing.

Bell rhapsody sounded in many Orthodox temples and cloisters. It’s the greatest time for believers, as they rejoice at the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Orthodox Church shared its joy with the whole world. Everyone can toll a bell in the majority of Belarus' churches.

Surprisingly, every person gets different sounds tolling the same bell! Could you imagine that?

Bell-ringers help people to knock at the heaven’s door. Sister Galina works in Saint Elisabeth Convent. She gives master classes to all beginners, and does it with enviable patience.

There are a hospital and a kindergarten near Galina's convent, which is why bells don’t ring from 1pm to 3pm. The sister is at the belfry from morning till evening except for this time. The nun says she doesn’t get tired, but her wings get bigger and bigger.

Sister Galina, nun from Saint Elisabeth Convent:
The bell has God’s divine. If the mind doesn’t understand it, the heart feels. When people come to the belfry they share joy with us.

Not all belfries are open for the congregation. Those where the stairs are steep don’t let people in. The main place of bell pilgrimage is Saint Elisabeth Convent.

Even scientists state they proved the curative effect of peal.

Spiritual persons believe in non-material power of bell prayers as well as in the church greeting "Jesus resurrected".