Number of alcohol-related road traffic accidents reduces in Belarus

Number of alcohol-related road traffic accidents reduces in Belarus

The number of alcohol-related road traffic accidents has reduced by 50% since the beginning of 2016. The traffic police say that everything is simple: the higher the liability, the less desire to cross the forbidden line.

They don’t feel speed. They don’t remember the rules and don’t follow them on purpose. They drive on the contraflow lane and don’t notice passers-by. And it seems that they don’t want to: life is a price for intoxicated entertainment.

But everyone is equal before the law. Since the very beginning of the year, the number of road traffic accidents involving drunk drivers has reduced by 50%.

The traffic police appreciate drivers’ voluntary help. Alexey and Konstantin are members of a group in social networks encompassing about 4,000 people around Belarus. They don’t stay uninvolved if they see those who behave inadequately on the road and risk other people’s lives.

Alexey Konoplitsky, car driver:
The car was driven in a very strange way, to the right and to the left. It seemed that the driver was drunk. We called the police, and we were even allowed to run red lights to catch him, because police officers needed some more time. In any case, the driver was arrested in a few minutes.

Konstantin Kuchura, car driver:
Whenever we see something like this on the road or suspect that someone is driving inadequately and may be drunk we call the traffic police.

Maksim Slizh, CTV:
There is one more measure that act preventively. People who haven’t got a driving license yet and who got caught driving under the influence will be deprived of the opportunity to get this license for three years. Earlier, having paid the fine, they could take an exam for the next day. From now on, lovers of such entertainment will have to think over their mistakes.

The society is thinking over it as well. Some people say that it’s a very tough approach, others accept it. The statistics speak for themselves. 2009 saw the largest number of alcohol-related accidents: more than 1,000 ones. But later, there was a sharp decrease, with 51 accidents having occurred this year, which is two times less than it was last year.