Number of workplace injuries falls by more than 50% in Minsk in 2010-2015

Number of workplace injuries falls by more than 50% in Minsk in 2010-2015

The number of workplace injuries has fallen by more than a half for the last five year in Minsk. The number of jobs with harmful and dangerous working conditions is reducing annualy. The rate of accidents in Minsk is one of the lowest in Belarus. However, three persons have died because of their carelessness and 30 have been critically injured since the beginning of 2016. The highest injury rate is still typical for construction and industrial fields.

Natalia Nesterovich, head of the Health and Safety Department of the Employment, Labour, and Social Affairs Committee of the Minsk State Executive Committee:
Attention is being increasingly focused on not only each employee and workplace, but also joint efforts that employers are usually required to keep. What do I mean? Emplyees are trained, taught, given personal protective equipment, and then there must be a response .They should use personal protection equipment in the right way.

As many as 2,700 violations in the field of labor protection have been uncovered since the beginning of the year. The most wide-spread reason is absence of special uniforms. If a person doesn’t follow such a simple rule they will be fined up to 30 base units.

Thus, more than 200 checks have already been conducted. Following mobile group's raids, construction works at tens of sites has been stopped and more than 120 people have been suspended from their duties. As many as 200 employers have been held administatively liable. They are fined more than 660 million rubles.

Experts say that it is much cheaper not to break the law. You should just purchase a uniform for your employees and repair sanitary engineering and canteens.