Alexander Lukashenko presents Belarus' state awards ahead of Victory Day

Alexander Lukashenko presents Belarus' state awards ahead of Victory Day

Honored people of Belarus were hailed in the Independence Palace May 5. Representatives of various professions were invited: the military, diplomats, doctors, teachers, cultural workers - those whose contribution to the country's development cannot be overestimated. The state awards were presented by the President of Belarus. These are orders and medals.

These are medals "For labor merits", "For Distinction in Military Service" and medal of Francysk Skaryna. They are awarded to those who make a spiritual and intellectual contribution to our common heritage. Sergey Zolotoy is one of these people. His achievements are literally of space scale: it is his achievement that the first Belarusian is now at an altitude of 500 kilometers.

Belarusian scientific school really has something o e should be proud of. Its graduates represent the country at the highest level. But these days, more than ever, the innovative way and the needs of the national economy are truly important.

Valentin Orlovich, academician-secretary of the Department of Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science of the National Academy of Sciences:
We have dramatically increased work related, for example, to the development of new materials, which is very important for our engineering. We are developing designs of various instruments and mechanisms. Also we are talking about special optical systems and devices for the needs of medicine, agriculture, industry and, of course, the defense industry.

The Order of Merit is usually presented for the most outstanding achievements. For example, in diplomacy. Alena Kupchyna has been successfully building Belarus' foreign relations. 

Alena Kupchyna, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus:
Today our country feels very confident in the international community, among all the other countries. We are known and respected, which is a major achievement. I share this award with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but I dedicate it to my mom - I would not be here without her. I wish her a long and healthy life.

At the ceremony, the "Honored" and "People’s" titles were also awarded. During the event, the President praised the achievements of everyone who was present at this meeting. Over years, these people had managed to achieve good results in their professional work, Alexander Lukashenko said.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
I want to stress once again that our main wealth is kind and lovely people. They protect their homeland, strengthen traditions and glorifying the young sovereign state thanks to their deeds. The generation of victors are those who saved the Motherland from Nazi enslavement, those who brought peace and freedom to mankind. That generation bequeathed to us the idea of protecting the security of our country. And we are proud, really proud of the fact that Belarus is considered to be an island of stability in the current alarming situation. This is a great merit of our people in uniform who provide law and order and peace in society, protect the borders of our state, confront crime, protect life and property of citizens. The best of the best representatives of our law enforcement agencies were awarded medals "For Service to the Motherland" and the medal "For Distinction in Military Service". 
Among the recipients is a large group of artists. It is no coincidence. This year, as you know, is declared the Year of Culture in our country, therefore, great attention is given to people of creative areas that contribute to our life with beauty and spirituality, with a variety of feelings, elevating man and awakening best qualities in him. It is gratifying to note that among the awardees are also representatives of such sectors as construction and agriculture, public administration, physical education and sport. It suggests that the Homeland appreciates and supports everyone who makes a worthy contribution to the common good. Orders, medals and honorary titles, as well as honor and respect in the society, always find their heroes. A wise proverb says: like gold, which does not change its color with time, the good reputation of a person does not fade either.

There are some people who are often present at such events but Galina Goncharova is receiving such greetings from the President for the first time. Moreover, she is the first woman in the country to whom the rank of Honored Worker of Prosecutor's Office is presented.

Galina Goncharova, Adviser to the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Belarus:
Prosecutors do everything so that people do respect the law, obey it and, more importantly, believe in the force of law.  

Words in response to the awards are mostly thanks. Not only for the award but more for the opportunity to realize oneself and do things one loves, and simply live in peace in the independent country.

Georgy Bondarenko, director of the state educational institution Gymnasium No4 of Minsk:
Today, I would like to express gratitude to the leadership of the country, you personally for the fact that our country is going through really proper democratization. For the fact that we are building not just Belarus, but independent Belarus, with a high reputation not only in Europe but worldwide.

After the ceremony, Alexander Lukashenko traditionally raised a glass of champagne in honor of the awardees and addressed them with wishes of new professional and creative victories. 

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
I've heard a lot from you, including about the right democracy. Mr Kosinets, you need to learn this term as head of the Presidential Administration. Perhaps the head of our institution will decipher it. You see, he is a physicist, a mathematician! And look how right he is! I heard today many good things. Thank you very much! I will try to adapt it to our right democracy. Not only to economy. After all, your hard work in culture, economy and the development of enterprises, organizations and institutions - I will lay all this and accumulate it on the altar of service to our Fatherland in the name of prosperity of our native Belarus, our piece of land in the center of Europe.

Vladimir Petrov, holder of Order of Francysk Skaryna, actor and singer of the Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre of Belarus:
This ceremony once again confirms that we are noticed and that we are doing the right thing. It inspires and gives hope for creativity. To do this, we have everything in place.

Nikolai Zhuravsky, Honored Builder of the Republic of Belarus:
I appreciate this award as a kind of award to our team and partially to me. We will continue to work in order for people to thank us. They get from us worthy products and construction services.

Irina Narbekova, Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus, Belarusfilm:
I want to say thank you to those who so highly appreciated our modest labor. To be honest I have never regretted choosing this profession. This is the profession you want to protect. Culture also needs to be protected, loved and respected.